Services Provided

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Online Therapy

Online therapy is offered to individuals to promote a safe space for individuals to identify goals and coping skills.


Therapy is a process where trust and safety are two ingredients that assist in the formulation of a therapeutic relationship.

Therapy is conducted through a HIPAA compliant platform, encouraging the client to find their own safe space, but access a therapist who can assist them in processing their goals and provide support.

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Online Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a unique kind of therapy where a group of people who are likely experiencing similar challenges in the period of their lives gets together to share their difficulties which as a result give and at the same time, receive help from each other.

The Nourished Nest Group Therapy Subscription includes: 

  • Small group sessions (6-8 individuals)

  • Unlimited group therapy sessions every month

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

As a SAP, The Nourished Nest offers evaluations and referrals for employers under the guide of the DOT services include:

  • Initial DOT SAP Assessments & treatment plan

  • Consultation with Medical Review Officers

  • Level of Care Recommendation and Referral

  • Interaction and communication with the Designated Employer Representative, as needed

  • Appropriate paperwork in a professional and timely manner

  • Follow-up Evaluation & Compliance Interview

  • Case Management and Monitoring

Professional Consultation

The Nourished Nest offers professional consultation to small businesses, individuals and groups who are seeking guidance on credentialing, state licensing and additional needs. 

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Outpatient Therapy

(coming soon)

Different from a traditional outpatient program which is primarily focused on substance use disorders, our mental health outpatient program allows for individuals to work cohesively with others to address ways to deal with stress, from relationships, employment, or everyday situations.

The Nourished Nest Outpatient Therapy is offered: 

  • Small group sessions (6-8 individuals)

  • Choose 2x a week or 3x a week


Confidentiality is the keystone to therapy; it protects your privacy to share freely and openly in our sessions together. Your sessions and all information you disclose are confidential. Except for the instances stated below, which are required by law, we will not share information or respond to inquiries of any kind from any source without your written consent:

  1. If in our clinical judgment, you pose a threat to harm yourself, and you refuse appropriate treatment, we are ethically bound to notify the appropriate parties (those who can intervene to protect you).

  2. If you indicate a serious threat to harm another person, we are legally required to warn the intended victim(s) and the police and/or to obtain a civil commitment to the state mental health system.

  3. We are required to report any suspicion of child or elder abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities.

  4. In some instances, the courts may subpoena our records or testimony. In most instances, we are forced to honor these subpoenas.


  Please note: These stipulations apply to all mental health practitioners where we operate.


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