Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is offered to promote a safe space for individuals to identify goals and coping skills.


Therapy is a process where trust and safety are two ingredients that assist in the formulation of a therapeutic relationship.


Each person has the potential to resolve feelings and identify ways to achieve a better version of themselves.

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Online Therapy

Online therapy is offered to individuals who may not have the opportunity to process in an office setting. 

Therapy is conducted through a HIPAA compliant platform, encouraging the client to find their own safe space, but access a therapist who can assist them in processing their goals and provide support.

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Outpatient Therapy

Different from a traditional outpatient program which is primarily focused on substance use disorders, our mental health outpatient program allows for individuals to work cohesively with others to address ways to deal with stress, from relationships, employment, or everyday situations.

The Nourished Nest Outpatient Therapy is offered: 

  • Small group sessions (6-8 individuals)

  • Choose 2x a week or 3x a week

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Online Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a unique kind of therapy where a group of people who are likely experiencing similar challenges in the period of their lives gets together to share their difficulties which as a result give and at the same time, receive help from each other.

The Nourished Nest Group Therapy Subscription includes: 

  • Small group sessions (6-8 individuals)

  • Unlimited group therapy sessions every month

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

As a SAP, The Nourished Nest offers evaluations and referrals for employers under the guide of the DOT services include:

  • Initial DOT SAP Assessments & treatment plan

  • Consultation with Medical Review Officers

  • Level of Care Recommendation and Referral

  • Interaction and communication with the Designated Employer Representative, as needed

  • Appropriate paperwork in a professional and timely manner

  • Follow-up Evaluation & Compliance Interview

  • Case Management and Monitoring

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Online Trainings & Webinars

The Nourished Nest offers in person and online trainings & webinars to small groups and companies.

Packages include all day trainings, lunch and learns, as well as topic specific trainings on:

  • Compassion Fatigue in the workplace

  • Burnout and Stress

  • Gratitude in the Workplace

  • Stress Management

Professional Consultation

The Nourished Nest offers professional consultation to small businesses, individuals and groups who are seeking guidance on credentialing, state licensing and additional needs. 

New Client

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Existing Clients

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