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The Nest Online Group Therapy

Finding a safe, accessible, and supportive space throughout your process.

Have you ever been in a group of people and thought, "Wow I feel like this person can totally relate", or "I feel like you're reading my mind". 

Imagine coming to a group of individuals who are dealing with similar issues and finding the process of being able to create a safe space, while also learning new coping skills that can assist you in finding balance.

Although online therapy groups can be misunderstood as those traditional groups that include a basement and a circle of hard uncomfortable chairs, online support can be done in your car, your home, and any safe place that you have where you can connect.

All online therapy sessions are $50 per person (OON or self-pay)

Our online therapy groups are:

Online Group Therapy

To sign up for online group therapy please take the time to fill out the information below.

  • Small & limited to about 8-10 participants which creates more of a safe space, creating a meeting that promotes quality vs. quantity.

  • The groups are facilitated by licensed therapists who are able to provide coping strategies but also encourage participants to see the potential to change for growth. 

  •  For anyone who is willing to be receptive to the process of sharing feelings and thoughts, professionals, moms, and those who just simply need support from others. 

Online Therapy Groups Currently Offered

All Online Groups will be offered in all locations; Texas, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

we take insurance for all online therapy groups

Working from Home

Virtual moms group

Monday or Wednesday evenings, 
7-8pm CST & 8-9pm EST

For expecting moms, new moms, or any mom that needs support and a cohesive network to communicate. Moms experience a lot of stress, including feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

The Moms Support Group will:

  • Learn effective strategies for creating more healthy coping skills.

  •  Practice self-care and build a support network of other moms.

  • Gain perspective from other moms and find the support that you are looking for while maintaining your identity.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Nurses support group

8-9am CST & 9-10am EST
(starting 9/13)

For healthcare professionals who are looking to find support and resources for burnout and stress. The impact of stress on healthcare professionals has been overwhelming resulting in burnout, mental health symptoms, and increased feelings of depression and isolation.

The Nurses Support Group will:

  • Identifying healthy supports and accountability for your self-care.

  • Focusing on your wellness and allowing yourself time to debrief and process in a confidential space.

  • Allow you to feel a sense of balance and create healthy habits for yourself.

Coffee Break

Self-Care Vitual Group

tuesday evenings, 
6-7pm CST & 7-8pm EST

A safe space for people to explore self-care methods and the importance of taking care of yourself. When individuals neglect their own self-care the balance of their life is thrown off. Self-care does not come easy to everyone. 


The Self-Care Group will: 


  • Help members find a healthy balance 

  • Explore self-care methods

  • Identify mindfulness practices that can work for each person

  • Allow for stress management

  • Allow for a weekly check-in for ADL's.

Holding Hands

All Online Groups will be offered in all locations;
Texas, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

Online Thearpy Groups - Coming Soon

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Parents & Teens Survival Group

Day and Time TBD

For teens and parents who need support coping skills to create a sense of balance in their lives. Including addressing peer relationships strategies, anxiety, and low self-esteem.


 The Parent & Teens Group  will:

  • Learn effective strategies for creating more healthy coping skills.

  • Find ways to resolve conflict in a healthy manner.

  • Teach age-appropriate mindfulness skills.

  • Learn skills to handle anxiety and increase productivity.

Family Quality Time

social connection virtual group

day and time tbd

For people who are experiencing feelings of isolation or feel withdrawal from others. After a few years of the COVID pandemic, we need support and a path to connect to others. 

Social Connections Group will: 

  • Feelings of dissolution and withdrawl

  • Developing social skills and connections post COVID

  • How to build a sense of purpose and gain a better sense of self

  • Feelings of being stagnant socially

  • Learngin how to adjust to transitions in life

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Existing Clients

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