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Clinical Supervision

As a Board Approved Supervisor, Monica Mehalshick offers the following through LCSW supervision:   

  • Culturally competent clinical social work practice

  • Development of your identity as a social worker

  • Integration of social work values and ideals in your current or future work setting

  • Exploration of your professional values

  • Ethical clinical social work practice

  • Development of clinically sound social work practice

  • An understanding of and importance of theory & practice.​

  • Exposure to a variety of treatment settings

  • Exposure to evidence-based practice, theory, and multiple treatment modalities

  • A supportive, yet challenging, environment that promotes growth and self-exploration

What to Expect

With my supervisees, I use a relational model for individual supervision. We keep a healthy boundary of supervision, not therapy, but explore what plays out in the supervision relationship and how it relates to client work. I encourage my supervisees to find their “self” and use it in therapy.  I also encourage the supervisees to identify their own clinical style, which is integral to the formulation of continuing to explore their own strengths and challenges as they professionally develop.


We prioritize client crises, countertransference, and ethical issues, and then dive into case consultation, conceptualization, diagnosis, treatment planning, and interventions. I have a particular interest in clients with Cluster B personality disorders, Anxiety, Depression, and OCD, and help supervisees explore this common facet of mental health with their clients as well.

I’ve supervised LMSWs doing outpatient, crisis as well as inpatient work, and working with a variety of client populations specifically with individuals who were diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. I feel that group supervision allows for the most learning while individual allows for personal growth related to challenging situations, so I prefer to provide a combination of group/individual to give people the best of both worlds.


Individual clinical supervision for LMSW's


  • 4 hours of Supervision per Month

  • Offered in TX, PA & VA

Meeting at the office

Who needs supervision?

If you meet the following criteria, you can qualify for clinical supervision: 


  • You assess, diagnose, and treat mental health or substance abuse issues using DSM-V criteria for at least four hours per week

  • A formal diagnosis can be made by a physician, psychiatrist, or independently licensed mental health professional

  • You have a personal client or patient interactions and utilize clinical skills

Getting Started

  • Complete a social work supervision agreement and the clinical supervision plan.

  • I will ask you to copy me on an email to your work supervision informing them that you have begun LCSW supervision with me.

  • You will typically attend two 2-hour supervision sessions each month.

  • This allows you to complete supervision in 25 months.

  • Some employers will reimburse you for your supervision cost. Be sure to ask!

Pen and folders

Supervision Details

Supervision includes 4 hours a month and the  need for documentation


  • Create a binder or computer folder for your supervision documents.

  • There is some paperwork you'll need to complete and email back to me. I will email a PDF containing everything you need including state forms and my supervision agreement.

  • We no longer submit paperwork to the board when you begin supervision. So make sure you keep your documentation organized for submittal.

Table Calendar


  • You must have at least 100 total hours with your supervisor

  • Supervision lasts 24 -48 months,

  • You must be employed for at least 30 hours per week to be eligible

  • If you work part-time, you need to be working at least 15 hours per week 

  • Part-time employees will need one hour of supervision per 40 work hours (usually 2-3 supervision hours per month).

  • You much have 3,000 total work hours before you can apply to sit for the licensing exam.

Writing an application

Helpful Links

Jurisprudence Examination

You must take this when you apply for any social work license or when you upgrade your LMSW to LCSW. The certificate for taking the exam is only valid for 6 months and costs $39.

Clinical Supervision Verification Form for LCSW

Complete this form once you have completed supervision or if you wish to stop supervision.


Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners

This is the new Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council website for anything else you might need.

Interested in the next steps

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