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The Nourished Nest Therapy & Consulting Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) supports and provides quality mental health services to Texas residents.  


Not sure IOP  Therapy is right for you, contact us, and we'll walk through your therapy options with you.

Texas Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) 

What is IOP therapy?

The Nourished Nest Mental Health Intensive Outpatient program is an online group program that allows individuals to work on coping skills for mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or even just stress management. Different from a traditional outpatient program, which is primarily for individuals who are dealing with substance use disorders, our mental health outpatient program allows individuals to work cohesively with others to address ways to deal with stress from relationships, employment, or everyday situations.

IOP typically involves supported groups, individual therapy sessions, and family therapy programming, which is conducted several times per week.

The Nourished Nest IOP program offers several options for flexibility, ease, and the ability to participate without taking time away from employment or home commitments. The outpatient program will be facilitated by a licensed therapist who is compassionate and encourages participants to identify goals while using the support network of a group in a safe space. 

Outpatient Therapy Options

IOP provides individual sessions and group sessions. We concentrate on specific groups and create comfortable and safe environments for processing and sharing.

  • IOP is virtual only

  • Groups are 3-4 days a week (based on individual and clinical needs)

  • Groups are 2 hours in duration

  • Groups are around 8-12 people 

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday


Daytime Group  10-12pm (CST)

Evening Group 6-8pm (CST)

Interested in IOP? 

Participants can choose, depending on their clinical need, to attend either three evenings a week or two evenings a week. Each client will be assessed for appropriate needs, by an individual therapist, who will also be meeting with them once a week, or as clinically determined, and formulating goals that are attainable. We will also offer medication management  as needed for the clients who are currently on medication or are interested in exploring this as part of their IOP treatment.


Are you ready to get started?

To get started or find out if IOP is right for you, take the first step and fill out the form 

Insurances Accepted

The Nourished Nest Therapy & Consulting currently is in network with most insurance plans. We currently do not accept Medicaid. We suggest you contact your insurance provider to verify coverage prior to your first appointment, or if you have questions about your coverage, you can contact us for more information.

Pennsylvania IOP

The Nourished Nest Therapy & Consulting proudly serves the people in Philadelphia through a physical IOP center.  If you live in Pennsylvania and you are interested in IOP services, please visit The Nourished Nest Foundation. 

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