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Insurance & Rates

One of the most frequently asked questions we encounter is in regard to insurance and our rates. 

Session Payments

We accept payment through a HIPAA-compliant payment processing software within our client portal, Simple Practice. This ensures that your financial information remains encrypted and protected. Payment for each session will be posted after each individual session. If you need an invoice, for payment please contact us.

We require a credit card on file for all clients to be able to collect payment. If you need to change or update your credit card on file, you are able to sign into the client portal, Simple Practice. We accept major credit cards and HSA (Health Savings Accounts) for payment. Payments are posted after each session.

Insurances Accepted

The Nourished Nest Therapy & Consulting currently is in network with most insurance plans. We currently do not accept Medicaid. We suggest you contact your insurance provider to verify coverage prior to your first appointment, or if you have questions about your coverage, you can contact us for more information.

How can I find out what my insurance covers?

To find out what your insurance may cover, contact your insurance and ask if you have out-of-network mental health coverage.

It is important to specify if you are looking for individual or family therapy, since rates may differ depending on the type of service provided.

Other things you may want to ask about are:

  • What your deductible is

  • What your co-insurance payment will be

  • How many visits you get per year

  • If you need authorization for your visits

  • Details on how to submit a superbill

Contact us if you would like more guidance on how to figure out what your insurance will cover.

My insurance is not listed.  Can you still help me?

If your specific insurance plan is not listed, please contact us, so we can confirm in or out of network status. If we are considered "out of network", we can provide a monthly superbill that you may submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement. You will be a self-pay patient and then submit the bill to insurance yourself. Typically some insurance plans will reimburse a percentage of the cost of the session.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend a session, we require a cancellation therapist at least 24 hours beforehand. While we understand that emergencies occur, it is important to remember that the scheduled time for the appointment, without cancellation notice, limits others from being able to schedule that time. We ask that you respect the boundary of the therapy staff by cancelling as soon as you can.

Cancellations or no shows that are outside of the 24 hour cancellation timeframe will be time charged a rate of $130.

Session Rates

Green Succulent Plant
Initial Intake
1 hour
Therapy Session
45-60 minutes
Decorative Succulent plants
Substance Abuse Assessment - 1 hour
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Online Group Support

Benefits Check

We have partnered with Mentaya to help clients use their out-of-network benefits to save money on therapy. Use this tool below to see if you qualify for reimbursement for our services.

Good Faith Estimate

 The Good Faith Estimate shows the costs of items and services that are reasonably expected for your health care needs for an item or service. The estimate is based on information known at the time the estimate was created. The Good Faith Estimate does not include any unknown or unexpected costs that may arise during treatment. You could be charged more if complications or special circumstances occur. If this happens, federal law allows you to dispute (appeal) the bill.

The Good Faith Estimate is not a contract and therefore does not require you to obtain the items or services provided by The Nourished Nest Therapy & Consulting. The foundation of a good therapeutic relationship between a client and therapist is the client’s right to autonomy and self-determination. Therefore, you (as the client) have the right to terminate services at any time.

If you are billed for more than the Good Faith Estimate, you have the right to dispute the bill.

You may contact the health care provider or facility listed to let them know the billed charges are higher than the Good Faith Estimate. You can ask them to update the bill to match the Good Faith Estimate, ask to negotiate the bill, or ask if there is financial assistance available.

You may also start a dispute resolution process with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). If you choose to use the dispute resolution process, you must start the dispute process within 120 calendar days (about 4 months) of the date on the original bill.

There is a $25 fee to use the dispute process. If the agency reviewing your dispute agrees with you, you will have to pay the price on the Good Faith Estimate. If the agency disagrees with you and agrees with the health care provider or facility, you will have to pay the higher amount. To learn more about disputes and get a form to start the process, go to or call 1-800-985-3059.

For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate or the dispute process, visit or call 1-800-985-3059.

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