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If you would like to subscribe to one of our group therapy sessions, please read the Group Therapy Rules below and then fill out the form on this page, and submit it. Once received, you will receive an email that will provide you with a link to the Therapy Access portal. Once given access to the portal, you can complete your subscription to group therapy. 


When you log into the portal, you will be asked to fill out a few forms: 

  1. Telehealth Consent

  2. Group Therapy Screening

In the meantime, you can check out our Resources Page. 

What is group therapy?

Group Therapy is a unique kind of therapy where a group of people who are likely experiencing similar challenges in the period of their lives gets together to share their difficulties which as a result give and at the same time, receive help from each other.

We make sure to maintain a safe environment that is conducive both for sharing and accepting each other where each can grow and trust one another and where each and every one will feel respected and valued.

group therapy subscription

The Nourished Nest offers a subscription to group therapy sessions.  This subscription allows you to attend as many group therapy sessions as you would like during the course of a month. In addition, you will also have the ability to book one one-on-one session with a therapist from The Nourished Nest, every month. 

Group therapy sessions allow members to process and support each other regarding issues that a member is involved. Other members will give their feedback and support providing a cohesive group process. This helps each member understand the issue from a different perspective in order to understand others. This also helps with one's reflection about their situation, which can lead to insight and personal growth.

A one-on-one session is offered as a part of the Group Therapy subscription, as we recognize that topics and issues raised during group therapy might need to be discussed further in a more private setting. This also allows for more personal growth.

Group Therapy subscriptions are paid on a monthly basis at the time of sign up. The subscription is a monthly payment to gain access to the group therapy sessions.

Group Therapy Sign UP

To sign up for group therapy, please take the time to fill out the information below.

​$300 monthly


  • Unlimited access to weekly group sessions offered

  • Monthly individual sessions

  • Exclusive discount on resources available

Group therapy rules


In order to maintain a positive space for members to grow both individually and together as a group, we have outlined a few rules that every member of the group will agree to and follow.  These rules are designed to create a safe, open environment of trust. 


We respect each and every person's right to privacy and confidentiality and we shall make sure to maintain it that way. However, please understand that this is not absolute and is limited to provide for by law.


Certain limitations are as follows:

  • Threatening oneself or another that may result in physical harm.

  • An act of physical or emotional abuse against a child or any person.

  • Sexual abuse against a child where the child is living with the abuser;

  • Whenever we are summoned by court order to disclose information against a participant. However, we shall notify you and let you exercise your privilege in the right to deny the disclosure of your records with us.

  • Your prior written consent to release records.

Conduct and relationship

For safety, it is necessary that the following conduct rules are complied with by all group therapy session members.

  • Discussions made within the group session are not allowed to be discussed outside with anyone and should maintain the practice of confidentiality in order to build trust with fellow members.

  • Members should maintain positivity and not induce disrespect, among others.

  • Members should not be drunk, nor are they allowed to take alcohol or take drugs before or after therapy.

  • Maintain conduct that brings respect to fellow members' thoughts, emotions, or behavior.

  • Refrain from having a relationship with a fellow member other than therapeutic while engaged in the session.

The Therapist(s)

The therapists should maintain a professional relationship with the participants all the time and no more than that. Any relationship with a participant may result in a "dual relationship" and may affect the goals of the session.

what to expect

The sessions consist of processing on the issues that a member is involved where the others will give their feedback and reaction towards the said issue. This helps each member understand the issue from a different perspective in order to understand others. This also helps with one's reflection about his or her situation which can then help for insight and personal growth.


Participation in group therapy session is voluntary. During group therapy, the ability to process and listen, as well as providing feedback is a valuable aspect of group that you can provide to other group peers.  The rules and conduct listed above must be agreed to prior to signing up for group therapy.  If you have any questions about the above rules, please contact The Nourished Nest (Contact Us). 

When you sign up for a group therapy session, you will be asked if you agreed to the above rules of conduct. 

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